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Bartsch App

Revolutionary. Mobile. Customer-oriented.

We see tremendous potential in digitization. That’s why we rely on artificial intelligence (AI), a technology that no one can do without in contemporary business management today. Our Bartsch AI is revolutionizing the entire management of real estate – not just the quality of services.

With immediate effect, we offer you the Bartsch App powered by iDWELL, a digital information contact point for your questions and concerns. Take advantage of the iDWELL app and send us your damage reports conveniently and at any time. No matter where you are – in the office, at home or on vacation – we will keep you up to date on your personal and secure account in the Bartsch Real Estate App In addition, you can retrieve your documents or reports digitally.

How do I get to the iDWELL app?

You will receive an email from us with a personal invitation to join the iDWELL app

Press the “Confirm login” button and enter your personally chosen password

Download the iDWELL App for your cell phone for Android or iOS or use this link:

Und schon können Sie alle Vorteile unserer digitalen Dienstleistung nutzen!

You have not received an invitation via SMS or e-mail? Then please contact us so that we can activate your account.

Our AI App service offers you the following advantages in concrete terms:

Transparency is a concern for us. On the app, you will find all the important documents relating to your property. Benefit from more overview and constant availability.

Efficiency is part of our daily business. Your damage reports and other concerns are processed quickly and you receive regular status updates via push message.

Documentation is “half the battle” for us. With the app, you receive all important information about your property directly on the bulletin board and can access it at any time.

Your mobility and time saving are in focus. Get information about your real estate at any time and any place on the Bartsch App powered by iDWELL.

In collaboration with iDWELL