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Artificial intelligence (AI)

Our AI automates routine processes that consume a lot of time and nerves – for example, the organisation of small orders for the maintenance of buildings.
It reduces the time required for effective communication in real estate management by networking different communication channels and bundling them on a single platform. Information from emails, ERP systems, the client portal, and TV screens in the foyer converge in our app and can be accessed at any time.

All those involved can use mobile devices and computers to find out about the current status in real time around the clock. Important documents such as rental contracts or energy certificates can be accessed at any time thanks to the app.

In addition, your tenants can actively interact with each other online if you so choose. All communication processes are available online. This transparency strengthens the trust of your tenants and improves their satisfaction.

It is also possible to solve problems in the neighbourhood quickly – which is important for the quality of life of tenants and owners.


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Property accounting

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Commercial property management

Artificial intelligence (AI)