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We provide access to qualified professionals in the fields of: accounting, service charge reconciliation, master data maintenance and commercial property management.

About us

We support property managers, who have staff shortages or who wish to outsource parts of their property management at more favourable conditions. We also help fund companies with accounting and reporting issues and consolidate the figures from property and business accounting.

Our employees have extensive system experience with the ERP programmes IX-Haus, DokuWare, SAP RE-FX, YARDI, REALAX, IMS, Hausbank München, and Navision. An experienced team leader acts as your contact person on site.

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The Professionals at Bartsch Service Center offer all the services that are relevant to the real estate industry.

Corporate accounting

Master data

Property accounting

Commercial property management

Service charge reconciliation

Artificial intelligence (AI)


Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.

Dimitar Georgiev

Managing Partner

  • bus. graduate, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main
  • over 15 years of professional and management experience in international medium-sized and large groups in the real estate industry
  • more than six years of in-depth experience in the development of shared service centres for German property and asset managers in the field of real estate and property accounting
  • proven success with the expansion and further development of sales structures; as Head of Operations, leadership and organisation of project teams, key account management, project management of major projects
  • experienced IT General Manager in the field of digitalisation of municipalities and integrated solutions. Experience with Scrum, Meistertask, Agile, and similar development methods
  • proven experience in the transition abroad of projects in the fields of PM, accounting, and IT
  • Software knowledge in PM and property accounting:
    Realax, WINDREAM, IMS, iX-Haus, DocuWare, DOMUS, and WODIS as well as development of an internal Excel tool for cost accounting
  • Hobbies/interests: Books & self-education, skiing, travel

Stephan Menze

Managing Partner

  • over 25 years of professional and management experience in an international environment of large corporations
  • Certified accountant CCI
  • Certified controller CCI
  • Certified IFRS accountant CCI
  • many years of management experience in accounting – property management – IT
  • Experience in setting up complex IT systems in a cloud
  • Profound knowledge in setting up controlling systems (including KVG reporting)
  • Structured approach to complex projects and strong ability to identify and consider important details at an early stage.
  • Interests: soccer, golf, travel

Stephan Boras


  • over 15 years of professional experience in internationally active real estate companies
  • accountant CCI international
  • certified IFRS Accountant CCI
  • Head of Real Estate Accounting and Controlling
  • Collection & Receivables Management
  • International accounting
  • Consolidation expert
  • Experience in building controlling reports
  • Interests: travel, water sports

Ivalina Stancheva

Team Leader Accounting Sofia

  • Master's degree in economics, focus: financial management
  • Certified financial accounting specialist with DATEV, Lexware & SAP Financials, Institute CBW, Hamburg
  • Experience with Haus Bank VS3, HausPerfekt, iX-Haus, Yardi.
  • 10 years of professional experience in the areas of accounting, payroll accounting, financial accounting, materials management, controlling, planning and budgeting in Germany
  • 7 years credit advisor and financial advisor at Raiffeisenbank Bulgaria
  • Interests: traveling, hiking.

Aneta Nedyalkova

Team Leader Property Management Sofia

  • Master's degree in Economics/German Studies at TU Dresden
  • More than 15 years of experience in international environment - from private Start-Ups to public Fortune 500 companies
  • Advanced Skills in property management, purchasing, sales, accounting and human resource management
  • Since 2020 working in the commercial support and administration of German commercial real estate and rentals
  • Passionate about working with specific software and programs like Ix-Haus, DocuWare, Planon, SAP
  • Foreign languages: German and English, native language: Bulgarian
  • Interests: reading books, travelling, healthy eating and cooking

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Our offices are located in Sofia and Berlin.